DecentraNet is proud to welcome new Partner Simone GIacomelli of SingularityNET. SingularityNET is a blockchain-based distributed marketplace for AI.

Simone has, for over 3 years, been leading teams that provide next generation blockchain solutions for both the private and public sectors. Simone brings extensive knowledge of data-driven design, decentralized organization and technology, as well as considerable experience in the blockchain industry for both the private and public sectors.

“[SingularityNET] is a decentralized, open market for AIs in the cloud so anyone who develops an AI can put it into the SingularityNET, wrap it in our cryptocurrency-based smart contract and then the AI they put there can help to serve the intelligence of robots like Sophia or any other robots or any software programs that need AI . . .” – Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist, Hanson Robotics & SingularityNET

For more on SingularityNET, here’s a recent interview from Ben Goertzel on CNBC.

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