DecentraNet is proud to announce its partnership with Wanchain, the latest blockchain project from industry veteran Jack Lu. Lu is the current Chief Executive Officer of Wanchain and former co-founder of Factom. Wanchain aims to become the world’s first blockchain platform to power smart contracts across multiple blockchains with an emphasis on privacy protection.

”Wanchain answers the question on every blockchain technology investor’s mind; specifically, how will disparate blockchains harmonize and communicate amongst themselves? While there are presently cryptocurrencies and protocols designed for banks, such as Ripple, or for the unbanked like Humaniq, until Wanchain there was no central clearinghouse to link these transactions. Wanchain is poised to be the financial hub linking spokes of the cryptocurrencies around the globe.” 

Ted Moskovitz, DecentraNet cofounder and partner

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About Wanchain

Wanchain is the only distributed financial infrastructure powered by private, cross-blockchain applications. Built in China and headquartered in Austin, TX, Wanchain unites East and West as the digital currency-agnostic platform for global financial services. Registered in Singapore as a non-profit organization, the Wanchain Foundation was initially funded by Wanglu Tech, a for-profit enterprise with investors including River Capital, Fenbushi Capital and etc. To learn more, visit