DecentraNet to Host CryptoHQ During the World Economic Forum in Davos

Presentation to include the social impact of blockchain technology in solving global challenges

Austin, TX, January 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DecentraNet has announced that the company will host a blockchain content series, CryptoHQ, in Davos, Switzerland between January 22-27th, 2018 in partnership with Bueno Capital. The event will feature over 40 top industry experts and influencers from around the world as hosts and speakers.

Top-notch professionals from traditional industries will discover more about the potential impact of blockchain technology on the world’s most important industries, including financial services, healthcare, infrastructure, energy, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. The CryptoHQ series will feature immersive talks, panels and engaging workshops exploring a variety of important issues from the blockchain revolution in financial services to its impact on resolving some of the healthcare industry’s most enduring problems. Additionally, the event will feature crypto-artists, discussions on culture and diversity in the blockchain ecosystem, and several surprise musical guests.

Sophia, the world’s first humanoid robot and global citizen, will also attend alongside esteemed thought-leaders, such as Brock Pierce of Block.One, Dr. Steven Waterhouse of Orchid Labs, Rik Willard of Agentic and Global Blockchain, Dinis Guarda of Lifesci and Legendergy, Desmond Griffin of Glance Technologies, Crystal Rose of Sensay, John Wise of, and art released on the blockchain by Dire Straits artist John Ilsley and UB40’s Brian Travers. DecentraNet’s own co-founders Matthew McKibbin and Ted Moskovitz who will also present on decentralized governance and blockchain technology’s impact on social issues, respectively.

“Davos is the world’s stage for economics and policy, and as blockchain is disrupting every aspect of our monetary and political systems, it is paramount for thought-leaders and experts to advise the world on using this technology for the better. As any technology is always a double-edged sword, DecentraNet’s goals at Davos are to ensure the world’s elite can understand and actively participate in this evolution. Ground-breaking advances in trust systems and value exchange can and must be leveraged for the betterment of humanity rather than its detriment,” said Matthew McKibbin, Co-Founder and Chief Decentralization Officer.

“The renaissance of Blockchain technology enables new solutions to previously intractable global challenges. For the blockchain industry to succeed, relationships and partnerships must be forged with serious stakeholders from powerful legacy industries. Hosting the CryptoHQ content series during the legendary World Economic Forum provides an opportunity for DecentraNet and our partners to educate world leaders about the power of this groundbreaking technology,” said Ted Moskovitz, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer.CryptoHQ’s venue is located on the main promenade between Hotel Europe and the Belvedere Hotel. To learn more about attending this extraordinary event, contact or the website at


DecentraNet is a full-service blockchain advisory and consultancy serving entrepreneurs with a full suite of done-for-you services, deep industry partnerships, access to capital, and community events.


Bueno Capital is a zero to one platform as a service development firm focusing on practical implementation of blockchain technologies and adoption of cryptocurrencies. Comprised of experts in various disciplines, Bueno Capital focuses on tailored solutions for tokenizing ecosystems and generating utility for decentralized platforms. Driven by the innovative boom in the decentralized network economy, Bueno seeks to build value by harnessing blockchain technologies for purpose-driven, social impact ventures, and to provide checks and balances through industry ethics and standards.


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