AUSTIN, TX, January 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Securrency has announced that the company will host a blockchain content series, CryptoHQ, in Davos, Switzerland between January 22-27th, 2018. The event, which though unaffiliated, coincides with the World Economic Forum, will feature over 40 top industry experts and influencers. John will present on The Future of Financial Services & Financial Inclusion panel at Tuesday, January, 23rd at 10:00 a.m. alongside other thought leaders, including Dickson Nsofor and MaoMao Hu of Kora Network, and Gabriel Abed of Bitt.

Top-notch professionals from traditional industries will discover more about the potential impact of blockchain technology on the world’s most important industries, including financial services, healthcare, infrastructure, energy, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. The CryptoHQ series will feature immersive talks, panels and engaging workshops exploring a variety of important issues from the blockchain revolution in financial services to its impact on resolving some of the healthcare industry’s most enduring problems. Additionally, the event will feature crypto-artists, discussions on culture and diversity in the blockchain ecosystem, and several surprise musical guests.

“We’re excited to be part of the financial services conversation and where better than the World Economic Forum. These are exciting times as governments and industry leaders gather to better understand how blockchain is changing financial inclusion. The venture capital world witnessed tremendous change in the past year as initial coin offerings exploded onto the market. Increasingly though, regulators and revenue reporting services are reacting and rightfully so. Compliance, accreditation, KYC, AML, and Bank Secrecy Act requirements must be accounted for during capital formation; no one wants bad actors in the payments and financial services marketplace. Fortunately, today’s technologies create an environment where nefarious activity can be routed out.  Securrency was developed from its inception with regulatory compliance at its core. By creating such a marketplace, institutional and qualified capital as defined by individual jurisdictions can now be compliantly matched to equity offerings – Initial Token Offerings (ITO).

As exciting as the now more than $800B cryptocurrency markets are, the $1.4 quadrillion global securities markets are the real difference makers. Putting capital to work in what were previously inaccessible markets is a by-product of our platform.  We look forward to collaborating with others at Davos to help transform markets while sharing our vision for ensured access to financial services while at the same time meeting regulatory and reporting requirements,” said John Hensel, Chief Operations Officer of Securrency.

“RegTech is becoming a top issue in the financial services industry and a significant benefit of stabilizing regulation is wider opportunities for inclusion. Our client, Securrency, Inc. has the potential to be the Amazon of Financial Services— efficiently matching capital to opportunity by addressing every aspect of capital formation. In doing so, qualified investors have convenient, secure access to invest in any asset type or investment class. Similarly, investment opportunities which once had limited access to affordable capital can now receive the necessary resources to grow and deliver yield. Capital market services and investor protection rigor can be efficiently paired with emerging technologies and developing world markets. We are very optimistic Securrency’s platform will be well-received and appreciated for exactly what it is: a revolutionary, democratizing technology that will forever change the finance industry,” said Matthew McKibbin, Co-Founder and Chief Decentralization Officer.

Sophia, the world’s first humanoid robot and global citizen, will also attend alongside esteemed thought-leaders, such as Brock Pierce of Block.One, Bill Tai of KiteVC, Dr. Steven Waterhouse of Orchid Labs, Rik Willard of Agentic and Global Blockchain, Dinis Guarda of Lifesci and Legendergy, Desmond Griffin of Glance Technologies, Crystal Rose of Sensay, John Wise of, and Bjork. Decentranet’s own Co-Founders Matthew McKibbin and Ted Moskovitz will also present on decentralized governance and blockchain technology’s impact on social issues, respectively.

CryptoHQ’s venue is located on the main promenade between Hotel Europe and the Belvedere Hotel. To learn more about attending this extraordinary event, contact or the website at


John Hensel is the COO of Securrency. In 2017, John retired from the US Navy after having served 25 years as a Navy Pilot and Major Defense Acquisition Program Manager. While a program manager at Naval Air Systems Command, he was responsible for the cost, schedule and performance of major weapon system design and fielding for US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft systems. He served as PMA-207 Senior Military Program Manager from 2015-2017, the Navy and Marine Corps program office for all C-130 Hercules and commercial derivative Operational Support Aircraft. He led and managed 260 acquisition professionals in the execution of procurement and sustainment activities in support of a fleet of 182 globally deployed aircraft. In this capacity, he oversaw all management-related issues including human resources, hiring team members, conducting performance reviews, managing budgets, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

From 2012-2015, John served as Director of International Programs for Maritime Aircraft facilitating foreign military sales cases with 15 countries while expertly leading a diverse acquisitions team in the execution of 22 cases valued more than $3.5B including requirements and resourcing definition, case establishment, and management of obligations and expenditures through case closure. John successfully developed multiple customers leading to total portfolio value in excess of $15B. John led a multinational capture team comprised of US and allied service members, Security Cooperation and Embassy team members, and domestic and international industry partners in the program development of several critical combatant commander sponsored procurement and sustainment cases. He led negotiations and engagements at the highest levels of foreign government to include Defense Ministers, Ambassadors, and Service Chiefs.

From 2009-2012, John served as executive officer and squadron commander for Training Squadron TWO (VT-2) in Pensacola, Florida. During a period of platform transition, he restructured the organization with a specific focus on training and administration. He oversaw the safe operations of two different type/model/series aircraft executing more than 35,000 mishap-free flight hours. John led the squadron to the 2011 and 2012 Chief of Naval Operations Safety Awards, the Admiral Goldthwaite Training Excellence Award, and the recognition of the Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal for overall command excellence.

John and his family live in Dubai, UAE where he leads the establishment of Securrency, Inc. operations in the Middle East Region.



Securrency is a FinTech/RegTech platform designed to efficiently match capital to opportunity bringing liquidity to previously illiquid asset classes. Securrency automates regulatory compliance and integrates legacy financial services with recent advances in distributed ledger technologies, payment gateways, and security frameworks to make financial services more transparent, efficient, and accessible globally.

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