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We accessed our extensive network of pioneers and innovators to establish the 8 most important issues facing the blockchain industry in 2019. Click HERE to access our 2019 Market Report. Explore what 30 thought-leaders from dozens of industry verticals had to say.


Blockchain Consensus Algorithms Don’t Have to Be Confusing: PoA, PoWeight, BFT, and DAG (Part 2)

Blockchain technology is a significant technological advancement. Decentralized, peer-to-peer systems are only possible due to consensus algorithms....

Meet Our Advisory Team: Nick Sullivan, Heart-Centered Serial Tech Founder Extraordinaire

DecentraNet continues to expand our advisory team. We’re stoked to welcome Nick Sullivan, a talented, versatile, and heart-centered serial technology entrepreneur.

The Future of Gaming: Get Ready for Tokenizing Ownership and Trade in the Digital World

Tokenizing gaming draws parallels with traditional card games such as Magic the Gathering, or digital based card games like Hearthstone.

The Revolution is Now: How “DeFi” is Rocking the Global Financial System

Conventional financial tools built on the blockchain are sparking a blossoming, explosive ecosystem to challenge legacy finance. Here’s why.

Security First: How to Protect Your Crypto from These 3 Common Attacks

Cryptocurrencies have evolved from an obscure side project to a multi-billion dollar alternative asset class over the past decade. Understand the top three most common attacks and steps that you can take to protect yourself.

Meet Our Advisory Team: Introducing Simeon Schnapper — Blockchain Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Futurist

DecentraNet continues to grow our advisory team by inviting industry experts to serve our clients. We’re delighted to welcome Simeon Schnapper, a...

Blockchain Industry News: DecentraNet Announces Advisory Partnership with Silicon Valley-based GoJoy

Watch out Bezos. This innovative impact-oriented commerce platform just raised $10.3 million in a blind auction. This is just the beginning. AUSTIN,...

Blockchain Industry News: DecentraNet Announces Advisory Partnership with Chintai, a Tokenized Asset Leasing Exchange

DecentraNet is honored to announce that we have formalized our relationship with Chintai, a tokenized asset leasing exchange. Chintai is a live...

Meet Our Advisory Team: Introducing Danielle Sunberg, Our Dynamic Phenom, and Fearless Leap Taker

DecentraNet continues to grow our advisory team beyond an exclusive blockchain focus. We’re stoked to welcome Danielle Sunberg, a former corporate...

What You Need to Know: The Past, the Present and the Future of Stablecoins

Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency which keep their value at a constant ‘peg’, usually a 1:1 ratio with another asset such as a traditional...

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