News: New Video Interview Series Exploring the Hottest Blockchain Topics Launches February 2018

Fresh from the success of our 2019 Market Report, our team is excited to announce an upcoming video content series exploring the hottest trends in blockchain technology.

Click HERE for instant access to our 2019 Market Report. Explore what 30 thought-leaders from dozens of industry verticals had to say.

Two months of research, 30 contributing thought-leaders, eight hot topics, and 28 pages of thorough analysis — our 2019 Market Report explored what this year could portend for the blockchain industry. The Report was distributed to our network of more than 10,000 founders, investors, advisors, journalists, conference attendees and others in the blockchain space.

Since its publication, the Report has been downloaded or viewed by thousands in our industry. We are so thrilled that the Report was well-received. So starting February 2019, our team will connect with the industry’s pre-eminent thought-leaders to delve deeper into the most important issues facing the blockchain ecosystem.

Some topics that will be covered in the more in-depth, video interview series:

  1. The long-term value of security tokens vs utility tokens.
  2. Growing use cases for alternative tokens, including stablecoins and non-fungible tokens.
  3. Enterprise adoption, real-world use cases and the next killer app.
  4. Whether public vs private blockchains will dominate and the future of other distributed ledger technologies.
  5. How will regulatory bodies, like the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) impact the industry?
  6. The need for self-imposed industry ethics standards.
  7. The influx of institutional capital and its potential impact on the industry.
  8. The future of governance.

“Our team is so excited to continue educating our industry. As you know, last week we dropped our 2019 Market Report which covered some of the most compelling and interesting content from the community. I am looking forward to sitting down with some of the top thought-leaders that are shaping the development and application of blockchain technology. We look forward to sharing with you all.” — Ted Moskovitz, Co-Founder and Partner at Decentranet

We hope this series expands on key insights and promising projects, as well as highlights the most important analyses on various trends we are watching this year.

Looking forward to sharing with you, Team Decentranet

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  2. Click HERE for instant access to our 2019 Market Report. Explore what 30 thought-leaders from dozens of industry verticals had to say.
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