Blockchain Industry News: DecentraNet Announces Advisory Partnership with Silicon Valley-based GoJoy

Watch out Bezos. This innovative impact-oriented commerce platform just raised $10.3 million in a blind auction. This is just the beginning.

AUSTIN, TEXAS — July 9, 2019 — DecentraNet is honored to announce our partnership with GoJoy, a shared e-commerce platform owned and operated by a global community of shoppers, retailers, and manufacturers. GoJoy is managed by a distributed team of experts with decades of experience in e-commerce. The goal of GoJoy is to connect consumers directly to manufacturers, cut out the middleman to generate consumer savings, and verify manufacturers to keep the platform trustworthy and “fake-free”.

On July 9th, GoJoy announced the successful completion of its inaugural Joy Coin blind auction, in conjunction with its exchange partner CBX. More than 46,000 participants placed bids totaling over $18 million, that raised over $10 million for Gojoy’s expansion and infrastructure buildout. Winning bids can be found at CBXAngel.

Additionally, Joy Coin will be available for public trading under the ticker JOY, on the secure and compliant token exchange CBX, beginning July 10 at Noon Dubai time. JOY will be paired with major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDT, providing liquidity to Gojoy members and making Joy Coins readily available to investors worldwide.

GoJoy shares the DecentraNet mission of supporting ecosystems, companies, and people dedicated to building a new economy where services are decentralized and everyone has the opportunity to generate wealth for their families. Gojoy’s business model was designed so the entire e-commerce community can own the platform. Additionally, Gojoy members earn “GHU” points on an hourly basis for each purchase. 50% of GoJoy’s profits are redistributed to GHU owners.

“GoJoy offers the first ecommerce platform where every transaction is transparent and visible on blockchain. Goods are cheaper than centralized models and profits are shared with consumers and manufacturers allowing for a flywheel of growth from the ground up — a perfect disintermediation of the traditional e-commerce model,” says Matt McKibbin, Founder of DecentraNet

“GoJoy represents a perfect use case for blockchain technologies. Specifically, it allows us to realign economic incentives to where the profits generated by the platform are shared by those who utilize it- — the end user consumer. No longer does e-commerce have to represent an extractive model, where all value creation flows to a unitary platform owner. In our new world, the rural Chinese mother who purchases baby formula on GoJoy becomes a true owner and shares in the platform’s rewards,” says Ted Moskovitz, Co-Founder of DecentraNet

“We built Gojoy as a rewarding and transparent marketplace where every contributor — shopper, vendor and investor — is rewarded perpetually for their contributions. We are humbled to have given over $2 million to thousands of families in a few short months. Gojoy remains dedicated to its business model and looks forward to distributing millions more dollars to thousands more families,” says Steven Lin, Chief Executive Officer of Gojoy

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Gojoy is the only marketplace where every vendor and shopper share in the profits of each purchase, on the hour, every hour. Using blockchain technology, Gojoy created Joy Coin, a digital asset earned by shoppers with each purchase, that can be used to make purchases on Gojoy, redeemed as cash or invested on the CBX exchange. Launched in 2019, Gojoy continues to triple its membership each month with over $2 million distributed to its shopper community. Gojoy is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Gojoy is currently available in China with plans to expand worldwide. For more information visit:

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