Blockchain Industry News: DecentraNet Announces Advisory Partnership with ThreeFold

June 11, 2020, Austin, Texas — DecentraNet is honored to announce that we have formalized our relationship with ThreeFold, an innovative blockchain technology company. ThreeFold’s mission is to build a new Internet with the ultimate goal of empowering equality, autonomy, and sustainability through its game-changing technology and collaborative ecosystem.

We believe that decentralization is one of the most important benefits promised by blockchain, as the technology aims to distribute and disperse power away from central authorities. With significant storage, compute, and network capacity available around the globe, ThreeFold is the largest and most advanced peer-to-peer network and continues to expand. The network supports 40,000,000+ Gigabytes of existing capacity, 15,000+ CPU stores, and 600+ active nodes in 21+ countries.

“The new Internet has to be democratized, neutral, and secure to provide autonomy to all its stakeholders. Everyone shall be digitally autonomous and own their data just like they would own their physical experiences. Bitcoin and other blockchain networks mostly run their nodes and store their data in centralized cloud storage facilities from companies like AWS, Google, and Microsoft. To have a truly decentralized network, the nodes and infrastructure need to be owned by the users, not big corporations. Threefold puts this into practice now with the largest decentralized network in the world,” says Matt McKibbin, Founder of DecentraNet.

With partnerships like Hewlett Packard and Stellar, ThreeFold is replacing four of the current seven layers of the Internet infrastructure, resulting in a much simpler system that is truly efficient, scalable, sustainable, affordable, and peer-to-peer.

Kristof De Spiegeleer, the co-founder and CEO of ThreeFold, told Cointelegraph that since 2016, he has been building a peer-to-peer Internet to create a truly decentralized global web architecture:

“Currently, less than 20 companies in the world own more than 80% of the internet’s capacity. Data also resides in huge data centers, where 5 to 10% of the world’s electricity goes, a number which will grow in the coming years. Today, we don’t own our data or the applications on our phones.”

DecentraNet’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a more decentralized future. ThreeFold is a perfect partner in this effort. They allow blockchain and other projects to become independent, implement true data ownership, and be a part of the future’s sustainable Internet. If your company’s infrastructure runs on AWS, Google, etc. and you want to truly decentralize it while saving money, then send us an email and we’ll get you connected to the founders.

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