Data is Now the World’s Most Valuable Commodity — Here’s How You Can Own Yours

Data is the most valuable commodity on Earth, surpassing fossil fuels like oil. Big Data covertly collects, sells, and uses our data against us. Memri unlocks our data’s potential by putting control back in our own hands.

The world is rapidly becoming more interconnected, and we are generating ever-larger reams of digital data. One trend accelerating this pace of change is the growing prevalence of connected devices.

This figure should be no surprise, considering we make 70,000 Instagram posts and conduct three million Google searches every minute. [4]

But for all of this data creation, how are our lives being meaningfully improved? So far, it seems they are not, and there is an ever-growing chasm between data growth and data value. The lack of improvement is because while we produce vast reams of data, we either lack access to our data at all, or where we can access it, we require the mechanisms to provide us with the right data at the right time. Since our data is often siloed and inaccessible to us, our data’s ability and value decreases. Our various data silos don’t communicate with each other. Your email doesn’t speak to your social, which doesn’t interact with your calendar.

So what’s the value of all this data anyway? Its importance to Facebook and Google has thus far been very different from its value to you, the end-user.

Data is now becoming the most valuable commodity on earth, recently surpassing fossil fuels like oil. An individual’s Facebook data may be worth over $100, and one individual recently sold his data for $2,733 on Kickstarter. [6] [7]

Enter Memri: Truly private, truly personal, truly yours.

Memri is an open-source, private, secure, and democratic personal knowledge system designed to make sense of all the data you create and put it to work for you. It means you are now the master of your data domain and can control how it’s stored and accessed. It means now your data can communicate without the prying eyes of big brother.

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